Traffic Rider Game – Bike Racing Game

Another Traffic Racer addition is coming soon. Soon, you will be behind the wheel of a motorbike in this new game experience that is just as jam-packed with old-school fun and simplicity!

Traffic Rider is a game that lets you race on an endless highway road, which starts at traffic and ends at the end of the freeway. It would help if you upgraded your bike to beat each mission and entirely new ones in career mode. Traffic Rider is a simple game wrapped in software that looks great but forces you to pay if you want to progress. The game itself is free but quickly becomes expensive if you’re going to get the most out of it. Its manipulative and greedy psychology keeps this otherwise fun game from being something perfect.

Riding a motorcycle is not difficult at all. The only complexity you will encounter is steering and braking in the required direction before the time runs out. It’s easy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun!

The formula is not complicated. You just need to drive fast and hope that you beat the clock.

There are some customization options for your motorcycle, and you can unlock better ones as the game level progresses. These changes don’t significantly impact the overall game experience other than changing your HUD interface and giving a few performance enhancements. The unlockables are primarily cosmetic. You’re still just driving through traffic with your customized bike. Gameplay is just going a motorcycle through cars and trying not to kill yourself. There are no alternatives, and there are no other gameplay features. It doesn’t provide any variation in difficulty or anything else for the player to experience.

It is where the sneaky paywall comes in. I am proficient at racing games, but I quickly found myself running out of time and being asked to continue by spending coins. Of course, you can buy more coins with real money, and though I understand the business model here in Traffic Rider, it starts to feel like there’s too much content masquerading as a game hoping to get me to spend money on it.


  • + Great graphics
  • + Cool soundtrack


  • -Unnecessary and intrusive advertisements
  • -No gameplay features
  • -No way to save your progress


Traffic Rider is a racing game with some pretty cool graphics, but the gameplay is shallow, and the ads are obnoxious.

Score: 3.5/5

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