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Sword of Evil is a unique action-adventure platformer with retro pixel graphics, inspired by the great games of the Nintendo Entertainment System and 8-bit computer gaming.

Your mission is to journey through the world of Swordigo and save your father from the evil power of the Sword of Evil.

The world of Swordigo is a vast and beautiful land where you will encounter many different enemies, each with their unique abilities.

There are also many different types of traps and obstacles that you must overcome in your quest to save your father.

Will you be able to defeat the evil power of the Sword of Evil? Can you save your father from the clutches of death? Only time will tell.

The Game Features:

• Beautiful 2D graphics, inspired by the great games of the NES and 8-bit computer gaming.

• A vast world filled with beautiful landscapes and epic bosses.

• Hundreds of different enemies with their unique abilities.

• Unique and challenging platforming sequences.

• A rich and immersive soundtrack.

• A variety of different enemies with their unique abilities.


  • Journey through a vast and beautiful world.
  • Explore the vast land of Swordigo.
  • Meet many different characters and enemies, each with their unique abilities.
  • Defeat hundreds of different enemies with their unique abilities.
  • Defeat many different bosses and other epic foes in epic boss battles!
  • Fight against the evil power of the Sword of Evil!

Scarcity is part of the reason:

  • The game is full of adventure and exploration.
  • There are hundreds of different enemies and bosses to fight.
  • The world is full of many different locations, each with its unique challenges to overcome.
  • many different and unique platforming sequences will test your skills against the elements, enemies, and environment!
  • An epic soundtrack composed by the talented musician David “Davidwong” Wong!

Once Upon A Time In Hyrule:

The game is set in a fantasy world called “Swordigo.” The world is divided into many islands, all on one continent called “Swordigo.” The player’s hero goes from island to island, fighting various enemies and bosses. There are three main island types:

Forest Islands – These are relatively flat islands with many trees. The player will fight many enemies that hide behind trees, and the player’s weapon is useless against them.

River Islands – These are islands with flowing rivers running through them. The player can jump into the water, swim around, and use the sword to attack enemies on the other side of the river. There are also many underwater sections in this game, where the player can swim through caves and kill enemies by slashing at them from below.

Volcano Islands – These are volcanic islands with lava flowing from their volcanoes. The lava acts as a weapon for the player to destroy enemies. The hero can also run on top of it for a short time to avoid damage from falling rocks or other hazards.

The world is inhabited by many different species of creatures, each with its unique abilities and weaknesses:

There are two main types of weapons: Swords and Arrows.

David “Davidwong” Wong conceived the game during his last year studying sound design at Columbia College Chicago in 2007-2008 while working on his first soundtrack album, “Dance With A Ghost.” He had been working on “Dance With A Ghost” for almost a year when he decided to turn it into a video game. He had been inspired by the “Metroidvania” genre and wanted to create a “Metroidvania-Esque” adventure game.

+4 Attack, -1 Charisma:

You have three options: run, jump, attack, or all at once. Attacks are delivered in various sword slashes or magic blasts, but sadly without combo opportunities or directional swipes. The lack of a directional component makes Swordigo more complicated than it needs to be: without any way to direct your attacks up, down, or diagonally Metroid-style, flying and jumping enemies become unreasonably difficult. The enemies are surprisingly varied, with blocks, missile attacks, teleports, and all kinds of nasty surprises for those who get careless. Though their visual design is a little less intimidating than the actual threat, they pose.

Easy On The Ears

Swordigo is a 2.5D game with 3D graphics and completely 2B gameplay. The framerate is smoother than the original PlayStation’s HD resolution can provide- you will enjoy playing this game on modern Android hardware!

The visuals themselves are just OK. They serve the gameplay and story well enough, but I cannot help but feel that this game would have been improved by utilizing the sprite artwork from its imitative title. There is too much reliance on the 8-bit style these days; what’s needed is a more straightforward art style for mobile devices with low-res textures that can run this game.

Fall On Your Sword:

The major downfall of Swordigo is its clunky combat system and the unfortunate limitations of touchscreen controls. If the slash attack were faster and magic attacks could be directed up or down, it would be less frustrating to take on some of the more crowded and twitchy sections in levels. The lack of these mechanics makes flying against enemies much more complex than their low hit points merit! And speaking about hit points: some bosses vary from pushovers to insanely tough at other times.

The only other real disappointment in the game is its physics engine. If you rely on precise jump distance and “swing” physics at crucial locations, combined with an ill-placed respawn gate or boss battle, Swordigo can be frustrating to play. It’s not a big deal, though – they are no more than what even the best games have! However, some minor changes in combat mechanics and level design could have gone a long way to make this game better for everyone involved.


  • + Unique setting and art style
  • + Intense action and challenging combat
  • + Great music and voice acting


  • – Poor controls and physics
  • – Frustrating boss battles
  • The Ugly:
  • – Unbalanced difficulty (too easy at times, too hard at others)


Swordigo is a great game that just needs more polish. The great difficulty and intense action will have you hooked, but the poor controls and physics can be frustrating. And while the game is not scary, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s not a horror game either. It is worth picking up for those who enjoy action-adventure games with a twist!

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