Real Bike Racing Game Review – Bike Racing Game

Real Bike Racing is a racing game for those who love motorcycles. It features straightforward controls, but it’s still a lot of fun.

The game starts with a tutorial that will teach you how to control the bike and race it. The game also features many different motorcycles, and you’ll need to upgrade them all to get the best for your ride.

It doesn’t have outstanding graphics, but the background music is quite lovely!

The gameplay is quite simple, but it’s still fun to play. The only problem is that there isn’t much content, which means that if you want to race, you’ll have to wait for a long time before any new tracks are added, which can be pretty frustrating.

Overall, Real Bike Racing is an okay game, and if you’re looking for a racing game with some simple controls and fun gameplay, then this one might be worth trying.

Racing with more than ten “superbikes” is a new feature of Real Bike Racing! It allows you to race and simulates on various tracks against computer opponents. As it’s a bike simulator, you can have at least a reasonably immersive experience to compete realistically.

Muddy tracks, muddy controls

The game offers a variety of bikes and tracks for players to race on. Additionally, there are other events and challenges you can participate in during your time as a racer. The graphics are detailed without taxing even older devices, while the HUD includes an immersive rearview mirror that is easy to use with no lag or frame drops. Unfortunately, though, it’s hard at first because of its control scheme, which requires more effort than it should: accelerating is difficult compared to what it should be like! Joystick compatibility and other hardware support seem low too.

Worth the time

Real Bike Racing offers an authentic racing game experience well on your mobile device. The controls take some time to adjust and feel like playing an old-school game, but there are no frustrating difficulty spikes or cheap deaths when trying to get past obstacles. Just be willing to take the time to adjust the controls to have some fun with this gem of a mobile title.


  • + Smooth and easy Game.
  • + Variety of different vehicles and tracks
  • + Great graphics and lighting effects
  • + Great sound effects and music


  • – Hard to get used to controls initially.
  • – Difficulty spikes can be frustrating at times

Google Play review and rating:

 4.5 out of 5

  • What an excellent game! So honest and competitive. A job well done. The only challenge is the control buttons; It is sometimes not sensitive to touch. I would love it if you could take the brake to the left side and leave the accelerator on the right-hand side, and make it more sensitive to touch in the next update. Thanks for an excellent job.
  • This game is fantastic. I played all the levels, but there is one problem that I give four stars because level number thirty-nine was the time limit level. The timing given in the station was a home. That is the problem; otherwise, all status is good.


An easy-to-pick-up game with an enjoyable and addicting mechanic. The controls are a little awkward at first, but it’s pretty fun once you get the hang of it! Overall, it’s a great game!

I love this game. It is super cute, and the controls are not too touchy. I’m not good at it, though, so I can’t seem to beat the level 30 time limit in the very last level. Still a good game.

It is a great game. But I couldn’t finish all levels because of one problem: The last level’s 30-time limit was too short (I think). If you can fix this problem, I will rate it 5 stars for your work.

It is an entertaining and addictive game. However, one thing needs improvement: The time limit for each level is too short !!! For example, Level 30 has only 20 seconds !!! So you need to make more levels or add more time for each class.

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