Puzzle Adventure: Mystery Clue – Adventure Game

Hidden Objects Game is a new puzzle adventure game full of logic riddles, hidden objects, and spooky mysteries. Start solving different puzzles, finding magic artifacts, and learning about monsters, beasts, and ghostly mysteries.

The new hidden-object puzzle adventure game is here! Explore beautiful 3D locations full of mysterious creatures, creepy monsters, and secret tombs. Find magical objects hidden in dangerous areas and escape from haunted places. Upgrade your camp and start solving different puzzles to solve the mystery of the haunted forest.

Puzzle Adventures: Mystery Clue: Hidden Object Game features fun puzzles, exciting adventure & logical riddles to solve! Unravel magical puzzles and escape from the creepiest monsters in this new logic adventure game! Explore beautiful locations full of ghosts & spirits, demons & other supernatural creatures. Find magic artifacts hidden in scary places & start solving mysteries with a fun twist on logic puzzles.

Key features:

You have to find the clues and follow them to solve a mystery, as many different beautiful locations are there.

There are also many scary places on our planet – you can help others find their way with your help.

You can improve your camp by upgrading it to become better at solving cases- becoming a detective!

Sound & Graphics:

Puzzle Adventure: Mystery Clue: Hidden Objects Game features stunning 3D graphics, a unique soundtrack, and realistic sound effects.

Puzzle Adventure: Mystery Clue: Hidden Objects Game is a fantastic logic adventure game. It is a great new puzzle game for kids and adults, with beautiful locations filled with spooky creatures and magic items.

This game has been optimized for tablets, phones, and other mobile devices!


– Beautiful locations.

– Interesting cases.

– Great music and sound effects.

– Different exciting characters.

– Voiceovers from characters in the game.


– Some puzzles are too easy.

– The game is too short.

– There are no achievements.


Puzzle Adventure: Mystery Clue: Hidden Objects Game is excellent for kids and adults. This game is a great new puzzle adventure game. It is suitable for anyone who wants to relax and have some fun.

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