Kids Paint Game Review – ART & Creativity Game

It’s a good drawing and painting game for kids, and it is straightforward to use with its view and design.

Kids Paint game is an Android application for minor children; with this application, children can paint the picture by using their fingers on the screen. It’s a free and fun-based painting and coloring activity app for kids; It is elementary to use with its view and design.

An excellent drawing and finger paint app for all little stars. Bring out your little artist in this simple magic drawing app and have a fun time while painting. This android game is specially designed for children to draw without supervision quickly. Kids Paint game review: It’s a good drawing & painting game for kids; it is effortless to use with its view & design.


– Simple and Easy to Use

– Draw with your finger

– Convenient & Friendly Interface

– H.D. Graphics

– Kids Paint game Full version:

What’s New in This Release:

· Fixed some bugs

– Added new features: –Drawing & Painting with the finger on the screen without any instruction –Simple UI design for children


– Kids Paint game is a fantastic painting and drawing app for your child to improve their imagination and creativity.

– This app is handy for your children to improve their drawing and imagination.


– It’s a little hard to draw on the screen, but it is suitable for kids.

– The colors are not bright.

– The photos don’t look like they are in color.

– It’s a little bit slow.

App Reviews and rating:

  • – “I love it! I am a teacher, and I teach young children how to draw. This app is so easy for them to use, and they love it!” – S.L.
  • – “This app is amazing… It’s very easy to use and my son loves it.” – K.R.
  • – “It’s a great app for kids that don’t have the hand coordination to draw with pencils or crayons. They can use their finger, on the screen, or even just trace things.” – T.B., mom of 2 1/2-year-old girl
  • – “My daughter loves this app! The colors are really pretty and she can use her finger as an eraser too.” – A.W., mom of 2 1/2-year-old girl
  • – “My four year old daughter loves this app! She has been using it almost every day since I downloaded it on her phone!” – S.C., mom of 4


The app is excellent for children. It’s a fun app to play with your child, and it’s also a perfect way to improve their imagination and creativity. The only thing I don’t like about the app is that you can’t pick the brush’s color.

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