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Animal Garden is a game that allows you to create a zoo and farm. It is an entertaining game, but some issues need to be fixed before being considered perfect.

The game has an excellent interface and graphics. The controls are straightforward to use. This makes it easy for any player to understand how the game works. The animal’s designs are very realistic and detailed. The animations of the animals are not too fast, but they are still relatively smooth and natural for a mobile game.

The only problem with this game is that it does not save your progress if you close it down or uninstall it. Suppose you want to continue playing from where you left off. You need to start from scratch again, which can be pretty frustrating, especially if you’re getting better at the game’s controls or unlock more achievements or levels.

Overall Animal Garden:

Zoo and Farm Game is one of the best games on the Google Play Store that offers hours of fun. If you like this game, I suggest that you try the other Zoo and Farm games by the same developer, which are also very fun: Animal Garden 2.

Turbo Rocket Games has created a following through its animal simulation games and, most famously, WildCraft.

These simulation games are wildly different than Animal Garden. This game has gained popularity while being lackluster, with fans of Turbo Rocket Game’s loyal following providing an opportunity for the developers to correct their mistakes should they want to. Suppose you’re a fan of Turbo Rocket Games. In that case, this decision may be worth seeing where Animal Garden goes despite the negatives.

This game is aesthetically beautiful and might be its most vital feature. Still, it also has the disadvantage of being too simple.

The game’s simplicity and design features like the ability to move buildings or animals all make it an enjoyable experience. The lack of ads in this mobile game is refreshing!

Animal Garden may have been tested before its full release, but it seems to still be missing the mark.

Turbo Rocket Games failed to include critical details by including farming and animal husbandry in one game. The game’s foundation is well built, but without small vital information, the user experience becomes diminished. For instance, caring for animals takes very little involvement within the actual gameplay of a player.

This game isn’t quite at the level of quality it needs to be for fans like you. Other games with great detail, both in their story and gameplay, seem much more personal than this one does. Fixing these problems would make Animal Garden attain the standard of play that its fans deserve!.

Animal Garden is a popular app that has recently come out and will diminish customer loyalty. Hopefully, with more feedback from users, they can improve on the game, so it’s as popular in its own right.


– Great graphics and sound

– Multiple game modes

– User-friendly interface


– Lack of ads in-game.

– No in-game tutorial

– Poor story and characters

– No game modes with more than 4 levels


Overall, Animal Garden is a great game, but it’s not as good as possible. With more updates and improvements, this game will be able to reach its full potential.

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