Adventure Bay – Paradise Farm Adventure Game

Adventure Bay: Paradise Farm is a farm-building game developed by Vivid Games. The game was released on October 25, 2012. The player can build their own farm and have fun with the game’s characters.

Players can make their farms as big as they want and can also choose to build a paradise island where they can invite their friends to play with them. The characters in the game are Henry, Lydia, Jojo, and several other animals.

The game’s story revolves around Henry and his friends. They are all looking for treasure on their adventure to find it on a tropical island paradise called Adventure Bay – Paradise Island, which is located near Hawaii. 

The tropical islands located in Adventure Bay: Paradise Island have many treasures to be found by players. They can also explore the wild tropical islands and hunt for treasures on their thrilling journey accompanied by Lydia, Henry, and their gorilla buddy Jojo. 

In this game, you can build your own farm where you can also invite your friends to come and play with you.

You can choose from several building options, such as chicken coops, hovels, and many other buildings that you can build.

Game features

Adventure Bay: Paradise Farm is a match-3 puzzle game with farming and crafting elements. Players will be able to help Lydia’s town fix their buildings and product ingredients, and gather resources to prepare valuable materials that will allow them on adventures into mysterious locations. The game also allows players to build their own farm where they can raise animals for food, harvest crops for feedstock, or get fish from the waterway!

Other prominent features of the game include trading and delivering orders to receive fantastic rewards, expanding your village, traveling with Lydia and Henry on exotic islands (to solve mysteries), discovering ancient ruins (with them), and finding mythic treasures by completing quests.


  • -Fun and addictive gameplay with various items to collect, craft, and trade.
  • -Build your farm, plant crops, make delicious meals and sell them to earn money.
  • -Play with your friends in the same room or on different continents.
  • -Explore the map and solve mysteries on each island you visit.
  • cons:
  • -The game is free to download, but you have to pay for some features (such as customizing your character) that are unnecessary but can be fun for some players.
  • -The game does take time to load (an average of 3 minutes).


  • -The game is not optimized for the iPad. The touch screen is not as responsive as the iPad’s, and there are some issues with it (e.g., when you tap on a building, it doesn’t show up on your screen).
  • -The game does not have an autosave feature or the ability to save your progress mid-game unless you manually save at a certain point. For example, if you are playing in “coop” mode, if one of you leaves, then leaves again, and another player joins in, all of your progress will be lost, and you will have to start from scratch.
  • -The game has no achievements or rewards for playing through the levels (unless you pay for them).


  1. -4/5 “Great Gameplay, Beautiful Art Style, and Fun Characters” -AppSmile
  2. -4.5/5 “A great game with a lot of replay value” -AppAdvice
  3. -3/5 “You have to have friends to play this one” -TouchGen
  4. -3/5 “A solid game that’s more fun when played with friends.” -SlideToPlay
  5. -3/5 “The game is free but the items you purchase are not necessary to play the game at all.” -TouchArcade


“The Lost Island” is a fun game, but if you are looking for an iPad version, you might be disappointed. It is not the same game as the PC or Android versions. The designer claims that he did not want to make the game too complicated and wanted it to be easy enough for people to play without any instructions. However, iOS users still need instructions on using the touch controls and advanced features such as “coop” mode (which allows two players on one device). These functions may be more important for some players than playing with friends in the same room or on different continents.

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